domingo, 8 de febrero de 2015


Axolotl mexicano
Known as aqua monster, this animal in danger of extinction because of the pollution of their habitat, lives in the lakes near the city of Mexico.
It retains its dorsal fin of tadpole, this covers most of your body. Their gills external, shaped feathers, in the back of his wide head.
It can measure up to 30 cm, although their average size is 15. The axolotl is usually black or brown, although there are also some whites.

Cat's tail ring
It is a mammal of the same family of raccoons inhabiting in the southwest of the United States, and most of the Mexican territory; generally in rocky areas, deserts and semi-arid areas including oak forests.  They are nocturnal animals that use its tail to maintain balance in the branches or to change direction when they are failing. They are also characterized by their hind legs, which can be rotated 180 degrees, allowing ring tail cat is attach to the surfaces of cliffs, trees..

found in tropical to temperate waters of the Atlantic, Pacific, and Indian Oceans. Known as ghost fish, this marine species is characterized by transparent head and eyes within it. Due to the transparency of his skull, his eyes can rotate and look in multiple directions, although it only detects the silhouettes of potential prey.

Known as cow fish due to the long outstanding horns in front of your head, this omnivorous animal, which mainly inhabits reefs of coral at a depth of 50 metres approximately, feeds on algae, micro-organisms, corals, sponges, molluscs, crustaceans and small fish.
These fish measure about 10 cm long, though they can reach the 50.
It is found in the Atlantic Ocean, between Central America and America's South, on coral reefs and lagoons.

Chlamydosaurus Kingii
It is a kind of reptile agamido that inhabits the South of new guinea, and North and West of Australia. It is characterized by having a portion of skin with long spines of cartilage that lie behind his head and on his back, these are opened when the animal is under threat. The lizard with frills can reach 80 cm long. It is carnivorous and their sense of sight is highly developed, and is capable of capturing insects quickly.

Tortoise Beetle.
There are in North America, this insect can change color its carapace nearly invisible, pretending to be a ladybug red with black spots, this is accomplished by microscopic valves controlling the levels of humidity under its shell. Approximately 125 types of beetles there are turtle, all with a variety of different characteristics in terms of shades. The most striking beetles are metallic colors that change.

Glass frog.
The glass frogs is characterized by its pale green and have skin transparent, allowing internal organs such as the heart, liver, stomach and intestines to be visible.
These animals live in South and Central America, live in forests, and are found from southern Mexico to Panama, across the Andes, from Venezuela to Bolivia and southeastern Brazil.